what to do and what not do for your family session

A lot of parents (especially you momma's) are often really nervous about booking a family session because of how their family will act- especially if they have young children. Booking a family session should not be stressful, so here I have come up with a few tips on how to get the best out of your family session!

What to do:

  • Do make sure to wear comfortable clothing. No one likes to be uncomfortable in their clothes and then have to pretend to smile and act happy. If your baby hates things on their head, then maybe avoid trying to put that big glittery bow in her hair. If your teenage boy hates wearing sweaters, how about letting him choose an outfit you can agree on from the colors that you've chosen!
  • Do come prepared. If you're doing a late night, sunset session in the summer, think about feeding your kiddos beforehand so they're not starving. Or you could even bribe them with a fun ice cream stop after the session! You could even bring some snacks for your toddlers for during the session. Just be sure to avoid anything like m&m's or skittles that can stain their outfit. Fruit snacks are great idea, or even animal crackers or goldfish could do the trick!
  • Do be sure to hire a photographer that has more of a lifestyle type of portfolio. The biggest reason I say this is because I think it's super important! A lifestyle session is geared more towards capturing the raw- unposed life style of the family. Lifestyle photographs give you the opportunity to capture lots of belly giggles, hugs and cuddles, racing and jumping and peek-a-boos. And there are still plenty of ways of getting a few of everyone looking and smiling (laughing) 😉
  • Do be sure to tell the photographer what poses you have your heart set on. Although we can't guarantee that your children will cooperate for every single one of the poses, we will do our best! I always try to get a few of the family smiling and looking at the camera- even if it takes making silly jokes and funny faces!

What NOT to do

  • Do NOT yell at your children (or your husband) or threaten their lives before the session. 😆 This can make the whole family feel very uneasy and nervous about making you upset... and who wants an upset momma?! Not me!
  • Do NOT plan your session late at night in the summer when your kids normally go to sleep around 7:00pm...If you really want a summer session, (which is truly the best time- in my opinion) then plan a day that you can make sure your child can sleep in a little that morning and possibly take a little nap during the day.I know this may seem ridiculous just to get pictures done, but trust me, it's worth it. If you just cannot fathom the idea of doing a session at 8:00pm in the summer, try scheduling for a session in the spring or the fall when the sun goes down a little sooner... but this brings me to my next what not to do.....
  • Do NOT book a session in the FREEZING COLD if you have little babies/ toddlers... Just don't. Unless it's literally the only choice you have. It just never turns out the way clients want them to turn out because their child is freezing. The babies and daddies get irritated and then the moms get upset because no one will act happy and its just a hot mess, or should I say cold mess? 😜 With that being said, I do have a lot of clients book fall sessions for their Christmas cards. While we do get a handful of beautiful photos with the fall colors, they're just never as fun as late spring/ early summer sessions because the little ones are just so miserable, especially when they have cute little dresses and can't wear their coats. Now if you have older kids- then ignore this-unless they hate the cold too hahaha!
  • Do NOT- most importantly, do not, NOT get family pictures done because you're afraid your kids/ husband won't cooperate. That's what we photographers are here for, this is our job! Just make sure to hire a photographer that specializes in lifestyle photography.

hOPE THIs helps!